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We are calm, intelligent, and patient. We've been living with paradoxes in our lives and never falter. Years ago, we laid the first founding stones for a society of all species, so that all live in harmony. We used our intelligence and dedicated our time to improve their lives. Each one of us devoted our life to becoming an expert. But at what cost? When we were frugal and strategic, others were extravagant and ignorant. When we were learning about each other's differences, others became intolerant. They took everything for granted. Now, injustice, repression, exploitation, and discrimination are raging in our society. We must act. We must call our friends, to gather, to think, and to build our union. For once again, it will be us, the Mooseheads, who will save this sinking ship.

What is Moosehead Union?

Moosehead Union is a collection of algorithmically and randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. There are only 10,000 unique Mooseheads out of over a 500 quadrillion (5 with 17 zeros) possible Mooseheads! Moosehead Union collection has more than 250 hand-drawn attributes in 15 categories. Your Moosehead is certainly unique!

How About Price?

All Mooseheads are sold at a flat price of 0.06 ETH
Moosehead gif!

What's the Story Behind Moosehead Union?

Nobody knows what transpired years ago. Still, everyone remembers that after years of continuous war and bloodshed, Mooseheads did something magnificent that no other species could do. They established a society for all species. War, famine, and sickness vanished while commerce and mutual respect flourished. Records of those early years are lost. Yet, legends speak that Mooseheads dispersed to their sanctuaries to live their calm lives. Each one uniquely concentrated their intelligence and talent to pave the way for even more prosperity. Mooseheads didn't care for power, resources, or money. They were always satisfied with their simple and purposeful lives. Other species at first heeded the advice. They respected each other and lived in harmony. But, while Mooseheads were preoccupied, they went back to their old ways of greed and hatred. Now, Mooseheads are gathering from all corners of the world to repeat what their ancestors did once. These are the stories of each Moosehead and their unique perspective. 
Moose King

King Armooth

Moosehead #?

"Don't look at me like that!," King Armooth, the greatest landowner of northern plains said with a glance at your awe.  The king was rarely seen and known to be an avid advocate of promoting intellectual and ethical discussions. "Don't you dare to equalize me with one of those nasty rich people of yours!" The great king was carefully examining the Union building. "Have you seen me digging a useless vault in the middle of mountains or spend ludicrous amounts to fabricate that I am an astronaut?! Not to mention those pointless cryonics fanatics." The king tutted and pointed at the building. "I simply spend it to create opportunities for a better world. This building will be our gathering spot and I must ensure everyone's need is provided for." As you watched the king walking away, you start to wander how much money is needed to keep everyone satisfied.
Moose Santa

El Moosieur

Moosehead #?

As a vague Moosehead figure with white hair approaches, you see a resemblance to Santa Claus. You don't know how the Moosehead got that portly, jolly, white beard and red hat. With a Perfecto-shaped cigar clenched between the teeth, the Moosehead stares at you. After a lengthy silence, the Moosehead, with a hoarse voice, finally says, "You certainly don't look like a Moosehead." As you feel startled, you see a dragon-shaped tattoo on the Moosehead's neck. You begin to feel a rush of Adrenaline, "I am El Moosieur my friend, and I welcome you here! You must be looking to become a Moosehead. You don't look like those troublemakers." El Moosieur waves to some Moosehead-like shadows in the alley behind you. "I must say since my internship with Santa Claus, I haven't done business in these shady parts." El Moosieur continues, "That was a long time ago... As you see, I have started my own business and I must ensure everything is accounted for."
Moose Clown

Pius Formosus

Moosehead #?

​​​​​​​"I will get straight to the point!" said Pius Formosus with a strange makeup and cloth. "The quality will lose its value once people stop paying attention to details." Pius Formosus tightened his collar and moved his cross-shaped chain aside. "In such a world, sheep are wolves, and swindlers wreak havoc while people lose interest in craftsmanship."
Moose Zombie


Moosehead #?

​​​​​​​While Mootallica limped toward the rusted door of the Union building, the green-skinned was humming a familiar rhythm. Mootallica was decomposing, but the Ibanez guitar on his back seemed pretty new. Mootallica looked at you and with his guttural voice said, "You know the Master is already twisting your mind and smashing your dreams! You don't have to wait to rebel.
Moose Indian


Moosehead #?

Chatamoosa has been thinking a lot lately. Struggling with identity and being a rare minority pushed Chatamoosa to try harder at every opportunity to be better. But, recently, while socializing with all the Mooseheads, Chatamoosa has realized that everyone is unique in a way. Indeed, no Moosehead is exactly the same as the others. So, why do people still categorize themselves? Maybe simply to avoid improving themselves.
Moose Vampire


Moosehead #?


"Oh! I am the last one again!" Moosacula said. "Since my ancestors, Tepes family started no-blood measures, we have a different issue at the estate almost every day!" Moosacula with those permanent bloody fangs, continued, "Apparently, species have become so used to blood-harvesting techniques for centuries that now they cannot be normal again!" Moosacula resumed with eyes welled up, "I am pondering whether the same fate is being forced upon you and me."

A High-Quality Collection

We left no stone unturned to ensure a high-quality collection and transparent contract. We paid attention down to the tiniest details. Each NFT has ultra high resolution of 4,000 x 4,000. We believe in transparency and your right to know how each Moosehead is unique. Every 10,000 Moosehead is unique and it is one of the 564275669005762560 possible Mooseheads! We ensured every Moosehead has exotic, epic, and god-like attributes through a comprehensive statistical analysis.

High Resolution

Each Moosehead is in ultra high resolution of 4,000 x 4,000.

Moreover, all images have a DPI of 500, so no quality is lost for printing.


Our verified contract code is accessible on Etherscan. We made sure every step of the process is as clear as possible and you know all the details.

Flat Price

We believe in fairness. Our price is hardcoded in the contract and is immutable after the contract deployment. It means the price remains the same for rare Mooseheads or when the supply is limited.


Not only does buying a Moosehead grant you the union membership but also makes you eligible for up to three lotteries to win additional airdrops.  As an added benefit and to conform to the union's story, at every roadmap milestone, we donate to a charity.


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Enter in up to three lotteries and win free Mooseheads by minting a Moosehead! Early buyers will have three times the chance.


At every roadmap milestone, we donate to a reputable, transparent, and accountable charity. The three categories are international health relief, wildlife conservation, and environmental conservation. 


  • First Lottery: 10 Mooseheads among first 2,500 Tokens 
  • Second Lottery: 10 Mooseheads among first 5,000 Tokens 
  • Third Lottery: 10 Mooseheads among first 7,500 Tokens 

How to Enter

  • First Lottery: Own at least one of the first 2500 Tokens 
  • Second Lottery: Own at least one of first 5,000 Tokens 
  • Third Lottery: Own at least one of first 7,500 Tokens 

Donation Recipients

Get Your Moosehead!

During the sale, you can get your Moosehead directly from our website. To do so:
  1. Install MetaMask wallet extension in your browser 
  2. Click on the "Connect Wallet" button 
  3. Enter the number of Mooseheads you want (Limited to 20 per transaction)
  4. Click on the "Buy" button!
Metamask will ask and confirm all the transactions and ETH values!​​​​​​​

---If buying section is offline, read the last FAQ item!


What's an NFT?

An NFT is a non-fungible token. In short, it means it is unique in our digital world. NFTs can be used to represent any digital item such as photos, videos, and audio. They are even used in games and virtual worlds to represent assets and lands. Each NFT is one of a kind, and users can buy, own, and trade them.

How an NFT's uniqueness is ensured?

In our physical world, there is no certain way to ensure the authenticity of a piece and its history. Art forgery is an example of that. In the digital world, on the other hand, we can use blockchain technology to track everything: This means, besides keeping the piece intact in blockchain, we can track who made the piece, who owns it right now, and what was its history. To learn all these exciting features, you can check this awesome introduction from Ethereum:​​​​​​​

How will I keep my NFT?

After buying your NFT, it will appear on your wallet and that's basically it. You don't need to do anything after that to keep it. Your NFT will live forever on the distributed blockchain. You can see your Moosehead and all of its special attributes on OpenSea and blockchain itself. By creating an account on OpenSea, you can also sell, gift, or auction your NFT without any hassle. 

Who are you?

We are Lolyn, a team of computer scientists and artists. We do everything together, so every part of this project has everyone's footprint on it! We love moose and use them everywhere, on our Tshirts, magnets, and here on our art. We want to share this passion and how cute moose are with our Moosehead Union collection. We believe NFTs provide so many novel ways in expressing art and also make art more accessible. 

How can I contact you?

Please use our social links at the bottom of this page. The links for all of our accounts are at the bottom of this page.

Your future plans?

We are passionate about our future collections. We have several ambitious ideas that will use the unique features of blockchain. We hope that with your help and funds from this project, we will be able to pursue these ideas. For our next immediate collections, we are planning on releasing a limited edition of Mooseheads (less than 100) only for current Moosehead owners.

What is gas?

Gas is the cost of executing algorithms on the blockchain distributed system. We don't control it and we don't get the Ethereum. The Gas is used to allocate resources on the Ethereum virtual machine so that decentralized applications such as our smart Moosehead contract can self-execute in a secured but decentralized fashion. We wrote our contract to minimize the gas cost and should be small compared to the price of a Moosehead. You can read more here:

Details on the contract?

You can check the details using the verified smart contract link at the bottom of this page. There are only 10,000 Mooseheads with a flat price of 0.06 ETH. We cannot change these numbers after contract is created. We will only keep the first 10 Mooseheads for showcasing, gifting, and airdrops. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

Can you tell me what Moosehead will I get?

It is really hard to determine which Moosehead you will get during the initial release. We ensured all the Mooseheads are unique, fun, and cute. Except that, we don't have any control over the collection during the sale. After the sale, all Mooseheads will be visible on OpenSea, but will be owned by someone other than us. Moreover, when the sale is open, it is open to everyone. So, even if you had your eye on a specific Moosehead, someone else may easily beat you to it.

Can I get one of the Mooseheads on top of the page that have a story and name?

Yes, these Mooseheads are part of 10,000 Mooseheads. They are randomly placed within the pile by the algorithm. The only difference is that they have their name embedded in their metadata!

Why should I care about resolution and DPI of a collection?

There is no doubt that today's digital screens are high resolution with all those fancy technical terms, but in the end, you want to use all the pixels you paid for! Higher resolutions mean that there are more pixels per inch (PPI), resulting in more pixel information and creating a high-quality and crisp image. We prepared all Mooseheads with a resolution of 4,000 x 4,000, which is higher than pixel information in a 4K display. 

On the other hand, dots per inch (DPI) refers explicitly to the printers. All the printers have different colored inks that will combine to create every single pixel output. There are usually 4-6 differently colored inks in a printer. A series of tiny dots create each pixel of an image. It is important to note that the tonality of the printer will be higher if there are more dots per inch in an image, and this is what is DPI of the image. The Library of Congress digital preservation resources recommend a DPI of 300. We prepared all Mooseheads with a DPI of 500! So, no quality is lost even at the large printing sizes!

Why flat pricing is important?

Our price is hardcoded in the contract and is immutable after the contract deployment. This means the price of every Moosehead is the same regardless of their special attributes, names, ID numbers, or the demand. As creators, we know the success of our collection is in the hands of our collectors, and we want to be on the same side to make this collection successful. We won't increase the price when supply is limited. We won't decrease the price when demand is low. So, you have a guarantee that the base price of a Moosehead won't change on a whim.

What does the buying section do?

  • When you connect your wallet: We get your public address with MetaMask. We use this address to communicate with the Ethereum network, and send your Moosehead.
  • When you mint NFT: We calculate the cost for the number of Mooseheads you want. Before sending the transaction, you see the request from MetaMask to confirm the cost + gas. We send the transaction and give you the transaction address.

Buying is not working or I use other wallets, is there still a way to get my Moosehead?

Absolutely! One easy way is to interact with the verified contract on Etherscan website. 
  • Click on the smart contract address at the bottom of this page. 
  • In the new window, select the "Contract" tab, which will show the "Code" section.
  • Switch to the "Write Contract" section, and click "Connect to Web3" to connect your wallet.
  • The function to get your Moosehead is "mint." Click on it.
  • Enter the amount to pay in ETH and the number of Mooseheads you want.
    • Enter 0.06 for 1 Moosehead, 0.12 for 2 Mooseheads, and so on....
    • Click on Write
    • Your wallet will ask for confirmation and you are done!